Waking Up From the Afternoon Slump

The afternoon slump drags your whole day down. The constant thought that you will eventually hit the wall, and you can do nothing to stop it.  You dread the moment where the clock seemingly stops, and your eyelids start to droop. All you can think is “can I please just take a five minute nap?”  Your mind is stretched to the max, and you know it will be hard to get over the afternoon crash.  All you want to do is fall asleep, without the thought of having to go back to work.  

Of course, we all know that a mid-afternoon nap will not be tolerated at a professional workplace, but there are certain ways we can overcome fatigue in the fast lane.  

Be active

Most offices do not have a ton of space, so you have to be active without attracting attention.  A stress ball  allows you to keep you hands busy and stretched out. If you cannot find a stress ball, move your feet around, because movement makes falling asleep impossible. Small motions keep you up, but more movement will eventually give you energy. You can walk around the office, stand and stretch or take a five minute break and walk around outside.

Eat a light snack

Usually, restaurants serve food that makes you sluggish and tired, and a big meal does not help the situation either.  You might not consider these suggestions as delicious and sweet snacks, but each one helps support your energy levels through one vitamin or another.  These high-in-energy snacks, include: sweet potatoes, honey, bananas, apples, oranges, almonds, yogurt and eggs.  Small portions of any of these food products will give you a jolt of energy that will get you through the day.

At all cost, stay away from any sugary or high-in-carbs treats.  These food products will plunge you further into your fatigued state, and you will become more sluggish than you ever imagined.

Splash cold water on your wrists or face.

Our skin is filled with millions of nerve-endings, and one of the best ways to get over fatigue is to give those nerve-endings a little bit of a shock.  When we splash cold water on our wrists, our brains releases a hormone that energizes the rest of the brain.The cold water will send a jolt to your brain, which will wake you up quickly.   Our brains need stimulation, and this activity will put us in a state of mind that is ready to work.  

The afternoon slump does not have to be something you dread.  Think of it as an opportunity to get up, move around and possibly have a snack.  You do not have to be stuck at a desk all day.  Now, remember that every person is different, and you can adjust this advice to fit your schedule and body. Just keep in mind, fatigue can be conquered.


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