‘Tis the Season to Serve

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can look forward to best time of the year, Christmas. Joy and cheer spread throughout the world, and no one focuses on the commercialized side of Christmas. Yeah, right! It seems like no one remembers the true meaning of Christmas.  We run to the stores and raid the shelves for the latest toys, electronics and fashions.  Lines get longer, and complaints start to roll. We usually focus getting the “perfect gift” for the special someone in our lives, but the best thing we can give to each other is service.

Christmas is a time to remember the birth of the Savior, and He was the perfect example of thinking of others before Himself. We should remember that Christmas is not about the gifts, bows and colorful wrapping paper.  It isn’t about the preparations for Santa or decorating the Christmas tree.  We need to remind everyone about the real reasons behind this wonderful holiday.

Think about what you would want: a basket full of candy or help on an important project that needs to be finished by the end of the year?  Usually, a person would rather have the help or a just bit of kindness, and this time of year should be a huge reminder about how we should be treating each other on a daily basis.

Look around, and see if anyone is in need of your assistance? As you look around, you will probably see at the very least one person who needs help, and the time taken to serve them should not take long.  We do not have to volunteer for a big undertaking. Serving someone can be as little as smiling at them or opening the door for them.  It does not take much to think of someone else’s life before your own.  Be open to helping family, friends and strangers alike.  This might be difficult at first, but have courage and be willing to break down the walls of society’s rules.   

By serving one another, we can create a humble and loving community, which is the one of the great goals of Christmas, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men”.  We need to incorporate this saying during the Christmas season and then throughout the year.  Serving each other does not have to stop after Christmas is over. Love does not end, so serve the people around you. Have fun with it, and don’t stop just because the season doesn’t call for it.

During this Christmas season, think about what you could do to serve the people around you.  The act doesn’t have to a big thing, so don’t stress over what will truly affect the person you are trying to serve. Just be able to recognize the people who are in need, and be willing to jump in and help.


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