Do Not Let Tradition Become Too Traditional

The week of Thanksgiving has always been fun for me and my family. We would always gather at my great-grandmother’s or my grandmother’s house to enjoy family, food, and games.  I am pretty sure most families in the United States do the same things throughout the holiday.  We all eat a similar meal, watch or play certain games and watch the same television programs. When we get to the office on Monday and are asked what we did, most of the people have bland or similar answers.  We need to spice up our holiday by thinking outside the box and changing some traditions.

Eat something interesting and nontraditional

Everyone eats a similar meal for Thanksgiving, including: turkey, ham or tofu with vegetables and some type of bread.  When we are asked about our Thanksgiving holiday , we have nothing to talk about concerning the food. We will be able to tell the kooky stories about our relatives, but the food is lost.  If you eat something unique, you can be the talk of the office. A steak or seafood constitutes a special occasion, but it will be even more amazing, if you have it for a Thanksgiving meal. Steak and seafood are very expensive, but expensive food does not mean more spectacular.  You can be brave and experiment with food to create something noteworthy and incredible.

Reinvent a traditional game

We watch football games, and we play card and board games.  Because we are stuck participating in these games,most people aren’t excited to come together.  Anyone can take a simple game and change the rules.  It is does not take a lot time to reinvent any simple game.  Be creative and think outside of the box. Once a new twist is taken on an old game, get everyone involved. Start with the children and teach them how to play.  After the children learn, have each child go grab an adult.  Allow the children to teach the game.  This will give the family a great bonding experience.  You can express to your coworkers the joy you feel about creating an awesome game and creating a memory for your entire family.  

Watch something different

Most families watch a certain movie about Thanksgiving values.  You have probably watched this same video every year for most of your life.  You might have the script memorized by now, and you are probably unenthusiastic about having to watch it again this year.  Shake it up by watching a different film or choose to do something else.  A new movie will give a little variety to your holiday, and watching the same video every year is boring and expected. Do not get stuck in the Thanksgiving movie rut.  

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday of enjoyable activities, but it has gotten mundane and too traditional.  Thanksgiving should not be boring.  We should shake things up to create new memories and become closer to our friends and family. Try to take almost every aspect of your holiday and do something a little different.  New activities give us a new holiday, so do not let tradition become too traditional.   


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