Live Your Life Like You Cut Your Brownies…Own it!

This blog post is not just a little treat for you, but an inspired tale. You see, like most, I love to eat brownies. I love the taste, and I love the scent of a chocolatey, cakey, rich, gooey delight.

So along came one of my many impulsive brownie days; I baked up a batch and, while cutting my brownies, I had an epiphany. You see, I find cutting brownies to not only be therapeutic, but also insightful. Here I was cutting a row into a fresh batch of just-cooked brownies. Now I knew I did not allow enough time for the pan to cool.  I knew it was going to ruin any attempt of precise and even cut, and I knew my line was going to off-balance everything…yet I continued to cut. In that moment all I could think about was what size I wanted my brownie (only mine, not others) to be.

That’s when it hit me: I live my life how I cut my brownies.

From that experience, I have developed this theory that I am not the only one who lives their life like they cut their brownies. I’ve found, from conducting my own research, that the way people cut their brownies is indicative of what their personality is.

Let me start by listing the different ways people have cut their brownies. Now, I am not a scientist and I am sure there are a million different ways to cut brownies, but here are the most common ways I have found:

  1. The impatient brownie cutter. This person usually lives in the moment and has a hard time waiting for things to happen in their life, so they make things happen as fast as they can. They usually forget to think of the rules or pay attention to detail. As this impatient brownie cutter slices into a fresh batch of brownies, they have one thing on the mind and that is the moment.
  2. The precise, evenly measured brownie cutter. This person lives their life precisely how they cut their brownies…evenly, measured, calculated, and fair. They know that rules and instruction bring order and exactness. They are brilliant in their execution of any task they are assigned and make really great leaders. What I love most about this brownie cutter is their fairness. They have the ability to make sure everyone around them is getting a fair amount; sometimes they will even go without so others have what they deserve.
  3. The must-cut-all-lines-evenly-before-serving brownie cutter. Now this person is not to be confused with “the precisely, evenly measured brownie cutter,” for they are different people. This person is a straight-to-the-point type of personality. They don’t need the minute details, they don’t need it to be 100% precise, but they just need it to be to the point so they can take action. This person steps up in life, they get things accomplished. Though some may not agree with their methods, their style works perfectly for them. I really admire this brownie cutter, for they help me see the bigger picture. This brownie cutter often takes the role of a leader.
  4. The plastic-knife-or-anything-with-an-edge brownie cutter. I am often inspired by this person. They are a problem solver. They are never held back by not having the right tools or knowing the next step. If they do not know how to get things done, they will find a way or learn how.
  5. The ask-for-help brownie cutter. This person often asks for others to cut the brownies, asks others how they want them cut, or they show up to an event with their brownies uncut. It’s not that this person is necessary lazy, but more that they just don’t want to get it wrong. They may even worry that they will be judged by the way they cut their brownies (ironic, right?) These may seem like negative traits, but really this person is an excellent team member. They have no desire to fight with others, cause contention, or seek for power. The world is in need of this type of brownie cutter.
  6. The uneven-let’s-create-a-fun-design-with-my-brownie brownie cutter. This person I am fan of, because this person is me. This person loves to live their life unexpectedly. This person’s life is chaotic to others, but organized to them. New things, a special day, and finding creativity in everything he/she does is what brings this brownie cutter to life. Though it is hard to get this person to stick to one job, or even show up to work on time, they can bring a lot of creativity and fun to the workplace.

While I generally fall under the last category, I have also, at times,  been  “the impatient brownie cutter.” So my point is you can cut your brownies in multiple ways, and live your life in multiple ways. And no matter how you cut your brownies, you can bring balance, order, or even excitement into the world.


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