Lessons I’ve Learned

Over the last twelve weeks, I was the public relations intern for Elevati.  I was given projects and assignments that challenged me.  I made up my mind to step up to any challenge and see it through to the end.  That was my decision, and I was not going to give up this opportunity no matter what I would be going through. This attitude enable me to learn many valuable lessons about working in an office and dealing with hard assignments. Even though I learned countless lessons, three of them will definitely stick with me forever.

Go back and edit yourself.

Editing is a huge step in having a satisfactory piece of work.  The first piece written is the rough draft no matter what kind of time restraints or requirements given.  Writing is an art, and it needs time to perfect.  We need to become like artists, and artists don’t usually go for the first try. They tweak the minor details, and sometimes they are never perfectly happy with the end result.  Our writing should be the same. We need to take our time with it, change mistakes and make the overall message clearer.  If a piece is not working right, start over.  I was told this semester that writers are never done editing, we just run out of time.  Do not be afraid to look back on your work, because self-editing is an important skill to show yourself how you can improve throughout all types of writing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Asking a question is scary for many people, but questions help us to learn.  If we are confused about something, the fastest way to get clarity is to ask a question.  Most people do not mind answering questions.  In fact, most people would rather you ask the questions you need answered than try and do an assignment without instruction. Knowledge allows business to run smoothly, and the quality of the work will be stunning.

Stand up for your work.

Be proud of your work. If you worked hard on it, you should have pleasure in the result.  Celebrate your accomplishments, but with everything, you will face adversity.  Someone will always think your work isn’t to the highest quality, and  sometimes that doubting person is you, but  don’t crumble under the pressure of negativity.   Surprise the doubters by rising above their expectations as you put out spectacular work.

My time at Elevati was priceless, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.  When I started this internship, I was a indecisive student still learning basic tasks in class. This experience made me grow in ways I didn’t even realize I needed to grow.  As a result, I am more confident in the things I am doing professionally.  Elevati is a place I will never forget, because the knowledge I have received was invaluable.  These lessons are applicable to all people and all situations, and I hope many interns will follow in my footsteps by learning as much as they can at Elevati.