Jumping Into Puddles

Do you remember when you were a little kid and wanted to jump into puddles when it rained?  Your imagination would turn a cold, dirty and unpleasant puddle into a magical portal to another dimension.  Even if your creative mind did not turn the puddle into a better version of itself, you still wanted to jump into the puddles around you.  

It was just plain fun, but what would happen right before your daring leap?

An adult would stop you from enjoying something you love. They warned you about the possibility of getting dirty or wet, but you felt reprimanded in your fun.  As you have grown, you have lost the desire to jump into puddles and the utilization of your imagination.

This is no one’s fault, because it is a part of growing up and maturing, but we need to bring back imagination into everyone’s life. Because we focus on what the media wants to feed us, we lack opinion and passion.

Society has created a cultural norm in the last few decades of a segmented and dismal world, where creativity can go and die.  Young professionals need to reinvent our culture into one that supports free-flowing thought and encourages new ideas.

We basically require a space to stimulate our originality. Imagination cannot thrive in a dull space.  We need to have a space that highlights our personalities.  Even if we only have one thing that reflects who we are, we can use it to relax in a stressful environment.  We need to make our offices a place that relieves stress not increase it.

When we have the opportunity to utilize our space with our personality, we are able to express ourselves within our work.  Our work will be passionate, and we care about what we are working on.  When we use our imaginations to solve problems, we take the time to study it out and create solutions to the problems we are assigned.

Resourcefulness inspires and allows us to think outside of the box.  Unique ideas will draw the attention of management.  You will be amazed what a good idea can do for you and the team you work with.   In an office, ideas get bounced around, and your use of ingenuity might encourage your coworkers to do the same. A new perspective can be the start of a fascinating campaign, product, or overall new business plan.

Creativity should not be limited to our childhoods.  We should cultivate it and begin to use it at our careers.  The use of imagination can push us beyond our normal bounds.  Inventiveness encourages passion, and the business world needs a bit of passion to start revolutions and discover new technology.

Imagination drives extraordinary ideas and perspectives, and those ideas will push us to new levels of success, so go ahead and jump into those puddles and imagine a new world for us to live in together in peace.


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