Don’t Let Technology Take Over

Technology has integrated itself into every part of our lives.  We constantly attach ourselves to our phones and computers.  Most of us can’t even go to the bathroom without our phones.  We need to take a step back and reevaluate how much time we spend looking at a screen, and not our family, friends and coworkers.  

Technology is not a horrible thing. Our society has advanced so much due to the positive repercussions of technology.  Coast-to-coast written communication went from two or three business days of waiting to almost instant conversation.  This sped-up process increased productivity in business, medicine, law and every aspect of our lives. Through this increased productivity, we have lost patience and the ability to communicate.

If you go into any middle school today, most students do not know how to write a letter correctly.  Our culture has lost the ability to write coherently.   The use of technology and the language of the internet has shortened the English language. Our children learn through online experiences to use this compressed vocabulary, and we are starting to conform to it as well.

If we could observe a home, we will usually be able to see every person in a separate room, staring at a screen.  Conversation is limited to texting or short bursts of questions and answers.  The family unit is suffering, because the technology has been blocking our personal connections and conversations.  We need to reverse the damage of technology has dealt to our culture without taking away the previously mentioned benefits.

If society decided to put our phones away in exchange for one meal, our relationships would be much stronger.  Without the phone or computer right at our fingertips, we can actually pay attention to the words and actions of the people around us. Our attention span will grow, and we become more engaged by conversation than our reputation on social media.

Our workplaces could use a technology block as well. How many times have you sent an email, instead of walking to the person a couple desks down?  Do you use technology to avoid people in general?  Most people cannot even start a conversation, let alone keep a conversation going for more than five minutes. We need to make a conscious decision to put away our technological distractions to change the culture of any workplace into a successful office and business.  Take the time to put away the technology and go have a conversation.  Honestly, confusion can happen through messaging, but a face-to-face chat will limit any embarrassment of miscommunication.

Technology has damaged communication, as a whole.  The art of communication is going extinct, so we need to reverse this process by stepping away from the very thing destroying it.  Technology has helped us discover great advances, but it has crippled us on one of the most important bases of our culture.  We need to put down our computers and cell phones and improve our written and oral communication.

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