How to Break Down a Mental Block?

Writer’s block is a common problem for any type of writer, but any person can suffer an idea or a mental block. Assignments and projects usually overwhelm anyone on occasion, and an office is not always the best place to be creative.  Even though we have to be productive in a place that lacks our individual personalities, we have to push past it and think creatively.  If you suffer from mental blocks at any time, follow these five tips to bust through and be successful.

Listen to a new style of music.

Personalized music brings joy to the listener.  The music stimulates the right side of the brain, which inspires great ideas.  When we listen to music, we instantly relax, and a relaxed mind is able to create without hindrance. We start to think from a different perspective, and we forget the problem or work around the problem at hand.

Switch tasks for an extended amount of time.

When your mind is completely focused on one subject, you will eventually start to spin your wheels. Your mind gives up on the project, and you want to do the same.  If this happens, work on something else.  When you step away from a project or assignment,  your mind still wants to keep going on that track.  A new task will stop your train of thought  and turn it in a new direction.  When you eventually come back, your mind will start on a different track, which will break your writer’s or idea block.

Think about past successes.

You know you can succeed, because you have before.  When you simply do not know which direction to start, read old writings or think of major accomplishments.  Eventually, you will remember your process and know how to start.  Success shows experience, and experience can give you confidence to push past your mental block.

Change the scenery.

This tip can be interpreted in many ways. A change in scenery can be long or short term, but the purpose of this tip is to leave the troubling task behind.  A walk around the office will help almost immediately.  This might attract some attention, but you are opening up your mind for creativity.  If you are stuck on all fronts, a small vacation or a weekend holiday is in order.

Just write.

Writing starts the flow of thought, and we can use this tactic to free our minds. For this tip to work, write down anything that comes to mind.  You might write down random thoughts that do not connect to your current project, but the creativity used to start your train of thought will keep it going.

No matter what profession you pursue, creativity is required, but any mental block can be busted through movement of body or mind.  When the blood gets pumping and the mind starts running, we are able to think outside the box.  The use of imagination can be stifled in diverse ways, but by using these tips, any mental block will not hinder you anymore.   


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