5 Tips for a First Day

New jobs can be intimidating.  You are the fresh face in the office, and you have no idea what to do or what to say.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Anything you do could be hard, but these tips can help you survive that first day.

  1. Smile.   A positive attitude is contagious.  A smile can help you break the ice, lighten up a room, and push you to face any situation the first day will throw at you.  Many people have said that a smile is anyone’s best accessory, and it is.  Smiles create an aura of excitement and eagerness to work.
  1. Dress to Impress. Make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit. You need to dress professionally, but don’t wear those spike heels or that shirt that itches to no end.  If you are self-conscious or annoyed with your clothes, you will be focused on what you’re wearing, not your new job. You might miss out on something you will need in the future.  When you fuss with your clothing, people notice your lack of attention.  They will not see you as the professional you are.  
  1. Swallow your nervousness.  Everyone has experienced the first day on the job.  Your coworkers will understand, and many of them just want to make you feel welcome.  Walk with confidence, and show your coworkers exactly who you are.  Jump into the crowd, ask questions, and love your job.
  1. Do not be afraid to introduce yourself. Make an effort to really get to know your coworkers.  You will be spending a lot of time with your colleagues, so you should talk to them and get to know their personalities and interests.  When you know people well, you will be capable of making connections.  Conversations will not be hard to come by, but they will improve the workplace with free-flowing communication.
  1. Work hard. Does this tip really need an explanation? You are at work, and you are paid to work.  Make the most of it! Gain experience and progress in your own right.  Your boss will take notice, and they might help you climb the corporate ladder.  Progression and promotion is the mark of a great worker, which will catch the eyes of a prevalent group of people.  You can be an executive before you know it!

Even though first days can be scary and nerve-racking, it is only one day.  When you come back for your next shift, you will know at least a little bit about your daily routine.  You can build on that little piece of knowledge and become the next great employee.  These tips can help you on your first day or every day, if you need help conquering workplace fears.  The best advice I can give though is to just be yourself.  Do not hide behind a façade of the blank face professional.  Be a lively and personable professional, and you will do great things.